Investment Planning

How do I decide what is the best investment plan for me?


We understand our clients needs by first measuring their risk profile and assessing their knowledge with regards to the types of investment options available in the market.


Subsequently, we will do the product matching based on their financial goals, time horizon, budget, life priorities etc.


Traditional Investment Model – Save – Invest – Grow


Most investment plans do not allow customers to cash out prematurely and there are penalties involved should they decide to do so. Investors could also be required to lock-in their funds for an extended period of time and it could be a long wait before they get to enjoy the returns from their investments.

Is there a better and more flexible option?


How about enjoying the possibility of earning monthly dividend payouts while you are growing your funds for capital appreciation?


Why is this a better option?


Instead of having your funds locked in over an extended period of time, you now enjoy the reward of your investment just within a month – giving you the extra cash flow required to pay off your bills or to finance that gadget or short getaway!


On top of that, you will also get to enjoy the flexibility of being able to decide how much dividends you would like to receive and at the same time enjoy capital appreciation on your funds to accumulate more wealth!

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